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Reports by Service

SuperStats is the most powerful site traffic analysis service on the Web. Subscribers to SuperStats get hundreds of real-time reports on their site traffic, visitor behavior, and online marketing efforts.

= Available report for SuperStats Lite.
= Available report for SuperStats with iClicks.
= Available report for SuperStats Professional.

Site Traffic Reports
SuperStats provides detailed information about your site's traffic patterns in order to help you determine your server needs and inform you of the best time during the day to run promotions or perform site maintenance. As well, Site Traffic Reports give you a concise picture of how popular the individual pages on your site are.

  •  Traffic Summary - An overview of four different reports, the Traffic Summary gives you quick access to your essential site information: Page Views, Visitors, Top Five Referrers, and Top Five Domains.

    Traffic Summary

  •    Page Views - Track traffic patterns for your entire site and each individual page. Page Views can be monitored by Hour, by Day, by Month and by Year.

    Page Views

  •    Unique Visitors - Unique Visitors reports are more specific than Page Views reports. While one person may visit your site and view the front page three times, a contact page twice, and several other pages once each, the Unique Visitors report records that person as one "unique visitor" so you can tell exactly how many individual people are coming to your site.

    Unique Visitors

  •    Most Popular Pages - Monitor traffic to all of your pages in one easy-to-read report. Which pages are most popular? Which pages could use a boost? It's all found in our Most Popular Pages report.

    Most Popular Pages

Marketing Reports
If you're serious about getting your name into circulation, then SuperStats can help. We'll tell you where your site visitors are coming from and help you analyze your Web marketing effectiveness with precision you can only get from SuperStats.

  •    Referrers - Get the lowdown on your marketing success. Your Referrers report shows you where your visitors came from so you can analyze the effectiveness of your search engine placements, banner ad buys, links from other sites, and more.


  •    Domains - Understand where your audience comes from by locating the most popular visiting domains. Your Domains report gives you insight about which domains your visitors travel under to reach your site.


  •    Search Engines - Locate the search engines that send the most people to your site. By utilizing the report results, you'll know when your listings are dropping and when it's time to re-submit your site.

    Search Engines

  •    Search Key Words - Get an in-depth look at the keywords people use to find your site. This report on keyword popularity will let you know exactly how to list your site in Search Engines for maximum exposure.

    Search Key Words

  •    Return Frequency - Your Return Frequency report tells you how much time elapses between an initial visit and any return visits to your site. This information lets you know how sticky your site is to visitors and how often they feel compelled to return for further interaction or updates.

    Return Frequency

Visitor Profile Reports
SuperStats gives you an important insight into the technology of your Web site's audience. This information can help you optimize your site to meet the technological preferences and aptitudes of your visitors.

  •    Browsers - SuperStats identifies the browser type and version used by each of your visitors. This data gives you an understanding of your audience's Web sophistication level and can justify optimizing your site for particular browser features.


  •  Browser Height/Browser Width - Identify the common browser height and width settings your visitors use to view your site. Then, use the information to adjust your site design to the most popular settings.

    Browser Height / Browser Width

  •    Operating System - Do your visitors use Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Macintosh, or others? Find out with the SuperStats Operating Systems report.

    Operating System

  •    Monitor Color Depths/Monitor Resolution - Find out which Monitor Color Depths and Monitor Resolution settings are most commonly preferred by visitors to your site. Test the images on your site with these preferred settings to better understand user experience.

    Monitor Color Depths / Monitor Resolution

  •    Countries/Languages - Track your international exposure with your Countries and Languages reports. You may be very popular in Germany and have no idea! Maybe you need to launch a German-language version of your site?

    Countries / Languages

  •    Netscape Plug-Ins - Do you want to use Flash animation or play music on your site using Real Audio, but don't know how many of your visitors have installed these plug-ins? Check out your Netscape Plug-Ins report to access all that information.

    Netscape Plug-Ins

  •    Java - Monitor the percentage of visitors to your site with Java enabled.


  •    JavaScript - Almost all Web browsers provide users the option of either enabling or turning off JavaScript. By looking at your JavaScript report, you can identify which setting your visitors prefer.


  •    JavaScript Version - For those visitors with JavaScript enabled, find out what percentage of your visitors use each different JavaScript version.

    JavaScript Version

  •    Cookies - Almost all browsers provide users the option of either enabling or turning off Cookies. Your Cookies report shows you what percentage of your visitors prefers to allow Cookies on their systems.


  •    Visitor Detail - See detailed visitor information for the most recent visitors to your site. Maybe you have different audience groups at noon than at midnight?

    Visitor Detail

  •    Last 100 Visitors - See the date, time, domain, and IP address of the last 100 visitors to your site. See who is interested and visiting your site

    Last 100 Visitors

Site Path Reports
SuperStats allows you to analyze you visitors' behavior on your site with our Site Path Reports. Know the depth, path and direction of your Web site's audience then tailor your site to captivate their interests.

  •   Site Path - By understanding the way that visitors navigate your site and the path they take, you can tailor your messaging and sales delivery to elicit favorable results. Your Site Path report shows you the popular paths visitors take through your site.

    Site Path

  •   Entry Page - Your Entry Page report shows you, by percentage and by total visitor count, which of the pages on your site are the first page seen by a new visitor. By understanding where new traffic arrives, you can optimize important entry points with marketing to drive traffic to your ultimate message.

    Entry Page

  •   Exit Page - Your Exit Page report shows you, by percentage and by total visitor count, which of the pages on your site is the last page seen by a new visitor. By understanding where you are losing visitor interest, you can make essential adjustments to your content to increase visitor retention.

    Exit Page

  •   Page Reloads - Learn how many of your visitors are reloading (clicking on "reload" or "refresh") a page within 30 seconds of arriving. Knowing how often your pages are reloaded can help you pinpoint problems with connectivity and server capacity, elements that are critical to online success.

    Page Reloads

  •   Previous Page - Your Previous Page report provides detailed site path analysis by showing you where visitors to each page in your site came from. Use this report to analyze a sign up page, for example, in order to understand which of your site pages is most effectively driving your visitors to sign up or subscribe to your services.

    Previous Page

  •   Next Page - Your Next Page report provides detailed site path analysis by pinpointing where your visitors go within your site after leaving any given page on your site. This data helps you understand which content, features, etc. most often compel your visitors to move through your site.

    Next Page

  •   Page Depth - Your Page Depth report identifies the depth at which each page within your site is visited. Depth for a page is measured by counting the number of pages viewed before that page. So, if your "About Us" page is the third page visited by a given visitor, its depth for that visit is three.
    The Page Depth report, therefore, presents the average depth of each page you are tracking.

    Page Depth

  •   Visit Depth - Your Visit Depth report shows you, by percentage and by total count, the depth of each visit to your site. In other words, the report indicates how many pages the average visitor to your site views before leaving.

    Visit Depth

  •   Single Access Pages - Single Access Pages are those pages that act as both entry and exit pages with no additional page views. The data listed in this report identifies your site's Single Access Pages, where your visitors enter and exit without viewing additional content. Use this data to locate the pages that need improved navigability, content and overall appeal.

    Single Access Pages

  •   Site Path by Visit Number - Use this report to track the viewing habits of repeat visitors. The information in this report provides a detailed listing of the site paths taken by visitors on their first, second, third, fourth and fifth visits.

    Site Path by Visit Number

  •   Page Depth by Visit Number - Analyze the depth of visits by your repeat visitors. The information in this report provides a comprehensive listing of the page views per repeat visitor on the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth visit to any given page on your site.

    Page Depth by Visit Number

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