SuperStats gives you detailed information about your site's traffic patterns, helping you identify your server needs and determine the best time to do maintenance. Also, see how popular individual pages on your site are.

Page Views - Track traffic patterns for your entire site and for individual pages on your site. Reports include hourly, daily, and monthly totals.
Unique Visitors - These reports are more specific than Page Views reports, because they track "unique visitors." A person visiting your site might hit the front page three times, a contact page twice, and several other pages once each. SuperStats Unique Visitors Report shows that as one visitor, so you know exactly how many people are coming to your site.
Site Pages - Monitor all of your pages through one easy-to-read report. Which pages are popular? Which pages could use a boost? It's all right there.
Site Path - Analyze the path your visitors take through your site with this report. By understanding the way that visitors are navigating your site, you can optimize your messaging and sales delivery to elicit favorable results. Our site path report shows you the site path taken by each visitor to your site.
Entry Page - The entry page report tells you how many times a given page on your site is the first page seen by a new visitor. This report shows you, by percentage and by total visitor count, which of your pages are bringing in new traffic. This can help you optimize these entry points and your marketing to drive traffic to your ultimate message.
Exit Page - The exit page report tells you how many times a given page on your site is the last page seen by a new visitor. This report shows you, by percentage and by total visitor count, where you are losing your visitors. With this knowledge, you can make important adjustments to increase your visitor retention.
Page Reloads - Learn how many of your visitors are reloading (clicking on "reload" or "refresh") a page within 30 seconds of arriving. Knowing how often your pages are reloaded can help you pinpoint problems with connectivity and server capacity, elements which are critical to online success.
Previous Page - This report provides detailed site path analysis by showing you where visitors to each page in your site came from. Using this report to analyze a sign up page shows you which of your pages is driving the most traffic to your sign up, helping you to optimize other pages on your site to drive sales, subscriptions, etc.
Next Page - This report provides detailed site path analysis by showing you where visitors go within your site after leaving a given page on your site. This data helps you understand which content, features, etc. are drawing the attention of your visitors.
Page Depth - This report shows you the depth at which each page within your site is visited. Depth for a page is measured by counting the number of pages viewed before that page. So, if your "About Us" page is the third page visited by a given visitor, its depth for that visit is three. The page depth report presents the average depth of each page you are tracking.
Visit Depth - The visit depth report shows you, by percentage and by total count, the depth of each visit to your site. In other words, the report tells you how many pages the average visitor to your site views before leaving.
Single Access Pages - This report lists all pages that are both entry and exit pages with no intermediate page views. This data identifies pages where your visitors enter and exit without viewing additional content. You can use this report to identify key areas where you need to improve navigability, content and overall attractiveness of your site.
Site Path by Visit Number - Use this report the track the viewing habits of repeat visitors. The information in this report provides a detailed listing of the site paths taken by visitors on their first, second, third, fourth and fifth visits.
Page Depth by Visit Number - Analyze the depth of visits by your repeat customers. The information in this report provides a comprehensive listing of page views per repeat visitor on the first, second, third, fourth and fifth visit to given pages on your site.

SuperStats gives you important technological insights into your web site's audience. This information can help you optimize your site to meet the technological preferences and aptitudes of your visitors.

Web Browsers - SuperStats identifies the browser type and version of each of your visitors. This gives you an idea of your audience's level of web sophistication and can help you optimize your site for particular browser features.
Monitors - To further optimize your site for your audience, use the SuperStats monitors report. You'll find out what monitor resolutions and color depths your visitors are using - a must for any web page designer.
Plug-Ins - Want to use Flash® or Real Audio®, but don't know how many of your visitors have it? Check out the Plug-Ins report for all of that information.
Operating Systems - Do your visitors use Windows 95? Windows 98? Windows NT? Macs? Others? Find out with the SuperStats operating systems report.
Languages & Countries - Track your international exposure. You may be very popular in Germany and have no idea! Maybe you need to launch a German version of your site.
Domains - See where your audience is coming from - the most popular visiting domains.

If you're serious about getting your name out, then SuperStats can help. We'll tell you where your site visitors are coming from and help you analyze your web marketing effectiveness with precision you can't find anywhere else!

Referrers - Get the lowdown on your marketing success. The Referrers report shows you where visitors came from, so you can check the effectiveness of your search engine placements, ad banner buys, links on other peoples' sites, and more.
Search Engines - Find out which search engines are sending the most people your way. If you're using the report well, you'll see when your listings are dropping and know it's time to re-submit your site.
Keywords - See all the keywords people use to find your site, and find out which are the most popular. You'll find out exactly how to list your site in search engines for maximum exposure.
Time Spent on Page - This report tracks the amount of time each visitor spends on a given page on your site. This data helps you identify which areas of your site attract and retain visitors. You can leverage this knowledge to enhance areas of your site that may be lacking.
Time Spent on Site - Use this report to monitor the total amount of time visitors are spending on your site. If visits are short, you will want to analyze popular site paths and enhance those areas.
Return Frequency - The return frequency report tells you how much time elapses between return visits to your site. This information helps you identify the demand for and stickiness of your site.

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