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Service Options

SuperStats Lite  Reports by Service
SuperStats Lite requires the placement of a small button on your site and gives a sampling of the reports and features offered by SuperStats Professional.

SuperStats with iClicks  Reports by Service
SuperStats with iClicks allows you to have access to many of the reports offered by SuperStats Professional, but requires the placement of a banner on your site.

SuperStats Professional Reports by Service
SuperStats Professional offers the most comprehensive and detailed site tracking solution available. Unlike other SuperStats service options, SuperStats Professional users have access to all SuperStats reports and features here are a few:

  • Traffic Summary Report
  • Browser Width Report
  • Browser Height Report
  • 11 classes of patent-pending Site Path Reports
  • Visitor Detail Report

  • IP address exclusion
  • Exclusion by computer
  • Downloadable reports in 4 different formats
  • No banner ads or buttons
  • Last 100 Visitors Report

SuperStats Traffic Ranking
Check out the Web's best sites. View the Top 200 sites and listings in 24 categories.

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What it means to you?
  • More publicity
  • More opportunities to showcase your site
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Show investors or partners how you compare!

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